Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite...and Maxime

“You, who uphold our tottering country against the torrent of despotism and intrigue, you whom I know, as I know God, only through his miracles.”

Departure with but one regret; if it must be wrested from ours, to whose hands will the Republic fall?

Anonymous asked: .。.:*・゚:Joyeux Noël, Saint-Just! J'espère que la nouvelle année qui apporte la bonne fortune!:*・゚。:.*

Merci, citoyen or citoyenne. I hope your Christmas was lovely. Bonne année to you.

officialruthscurr asked: I appreciate your service of my Son, Meat Creature. If I cannot shake him of his mortal delusions I can at least trust you to ensure his happiness.

Merci, I think…


Apparently, gladiators were encouraged to put on weight. Fed on vegetarian diets of mostly stews and vegetables, the extra fat helped protect vital organs in the heat of combat.

So no, most gladiators were not muscular body-builders, but usually rather plump fighters.

We are trying to promote a similar diet in our armies, Le Bas and I.

(Source: napoleoncaesarparte)

seafieldflowers asked: What do you think of Demoulins exactly and why? =O I've been so curious about this.

My cousin? I am disinclined to like him. He has always been rather childish, in my opinion, even though he is older than myself. He can also be hotheaded and inconsistent. You could call us rivals of sorts—we are both writers but, though our lives are similar, we have taken different paths. I do not approve of his politics. He distrusts me for mine. Conflict between us seems inevitable.

I hope this has satisfactorily answered your query, citoyenne.

Anonymous asked: Well then if you won't give us a straight answer, then we'll have to go ask Hornblower. *skips off to her askbox*


Anonymous asked: Your virginity - or lack thereof - is a subject of utmost importance. Kindly reveal the truth of the matter once and for all.

I don’t have to dignify you with an answer.

Anonymous asked: On behalf of the tumblr union of anons, I would like to say I don't think you're a virgin. But if you are, I am perfectly ready and willing to change that. ;)